Pest Alert - Beech Forest Seedfall Causing Increase in Rodents

Rodent plague expected from the heaviest beech forest seedfall in more than a decade.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) have issued a warning to expect large numbers of rodents across New Zealand due to higher than normal seedfall from beech forests.

What is causing the increase in rodents?

According to the DOC: "Beech trees generally seed every four to five years but weather conditions over the last two summers - a cool summer followed by a warm one - appear to have triggered a bumper seed or 'beech mast' event."

"Past experience has shown that when a beech mast occurs, it leads to a dramatic rise in mice and rat populations, who feast on the plentiful seed all winter."


This greater food source will lead to higher rodent populations in forested areas.

These increased numbers will likely impact on neighbouring homes and businesses.

What should I do?

Download the full alert for some steps you can take to prevent rodents in your home or business.

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Further information & next steps

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