Discreet and effective fly control

Flies can transmit a multitude of different pathogens, causing significant risk to health and severe impact on businesses. Developed with innovative patented LED technology, Lumnia units are designed to attract, kill and encapsulate insects hygienically, eliminating the risk of contamination. Lumnia LED electronic fly killers give you and your customers peace of mind.

Lumnia - The Innovative LED Fly Killer

High attraction output LED lamps are optimised for a fly control catch rate tested by our Rentokil experts through the 'Half Life' test.

Energy saving
Lumnia units automatically adapt from day to night to reduce energy consumption. Lumnia's high attraction output LED lamps offer average energy savings of 61% compared to equivalent competitor fly killers.

Built for customer environments
The Lumnia range includes four high-performing units with a modern, seamless design that offers lower glare from LEDs and reduced visibility of caught flies.

Dimensions:W 547 mm, H 298 mm, D 156 mm Weight: 5.14kg Type: Glueboard / Encapsulation


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