Innovation & services

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Innovation & services

Finding smarter, more effective ways to control pests, such as termites, rats and mice, is a major focus for us at Rentokil.

Innovation and product development are vital to raise standards within the industry for both pest control and protection.

Our range of new technological solutions aim to improve overall service efficiency, protect public health and offer greater management information to our customers.

Innovative control solutions

Based at our Global Sicence Centre in Gatwick, UK, our team of experts in Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, Regulatory Affairs, Product Formulation, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Sensing Technology work to innovate and develop new and more efficient products.

This enables us as a business to keep up with the changing regulatory landscape and increasing legislation, around food safety for instance.

An increasing area of focus is on prevention, remote monitoring and added value information management for reporting pest activity.

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