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ISPM15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15) is a wood packaging certification scheme.

The scheme was introduced nationally and internationally in 2006 and is designed to protect importing countries from the threat of pests and disease through any type of timber packaging, including pallets, crates and dunnages.

Rentokil is a certified company under the scheme and we can offer a range of fumigation and heat treatment solutions to treat wood packaging, enabling you to comply with all ISPM15 regulations.

ISPM15 requirements

  • All countries that have signed up to the scheme have set criteria in which they will accept timber packaging from around the world and how it must be treated.
  • Each country also has set up implementation dates in which their country will only accept certified treated packaging after those dates.
  • While each country signed up to the scheme will accept treated and certified packaging, the packaging must also meet that country’s own import conditions on top of the ISPM15 requirements.
  • Once packaging has been treated and certified under the scheme it remains certified for the lift of the packaging as long as it does not have to be repaired or parts replaced.

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