How To Sell Your Pest Control Business

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How to sell a pest control business

At Rentokil and Rentokil Initial we are always on the look out for high quality pest control and hygiene companies to join our family.

We would be interested to hear from you if you are thinking about selling. We know companies come in all shapes and sizes, and are happy to entertain deals at any size.

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Are you selling your pest business?

We look for the following qualities when we consider buying a business. They increase the likelihood of a successful deal:

  • Is your business built from ongoing sustainable profit? That is largely the basis for the valuations we make. We don’t chase revenue. We focus on the bottom line too.
  • Is your financial information timely, accurate and fit to run the business?
  • How reliant is the business on you? Can others in your team step up if you want to exit completely?
  • Are there any vulnerabilities and risks? We understand no business is perfect.
  • Is your estate planning and/or tax situation in order?

What we look for in an acquisition candidate

We like businesses that put service, relationships and teamwork foremost. Here are some of the important attributes we look for.

Recognise the importance of customers and colleagues

  • We value strong, long-lasting relationships with colleagues and customers.
  • A commitment to top quality service, delivered consistently.

Good management and field staff

  • Acquisitions are a great way to find good people who want to grow in a larger business.
  • Investment in colleague training.
  • Treating colleagues with respect and empowering them to deliver great service.

Operating Focus

  • Solid market pricing — not the lowest cost provider, customers understand the value you bring.
  • Safety and well-being of frontline colleagues, paid properly — Attractive pay and benefits attracts good people, providing a safe environment brings out their best work.
  • Predominantly contractual recurring maintenance services — This forms a basis for growth.

Interest in locations

  • We want to expand our service footprint especially in our Emerging and Growth markets while adding in bolt-on acquisitions elsewhere.

Why selling to Rentokil is good for your business

We have bought over 100 businesses in the past 4 years and sold plenty too — so we know what it is like to be in your shoes.

We know you want a quick, clean, simple, confidential acquisition at a good price. We know how to do that.

  • We use our team of in-house experts, not third parties, as we understand the way pest businesses are run. We also know how to integrate our acquisitions to achieve our plan without "shredding" your business in the process.
  • We offer creative, flexible purchase structures tailored to your needs.
  • No opportunity is too large or too small. We will consider your business on its merits and seek to preserve the heritage and capability you have built.
  • We provide opportunities to stay and grow your career with Rentokil — a lot of our colleagues have come through acquisitions.
  • Our technical expertise and innovation strengthens your service offering.
  • We are growth driven and willing to try new things plus invest to achieve that growth.

Don’t just take our word for it!

At the right time in our discussions, if helpful to you, then we’d be pleased to arrange for you to speak with some of our other successful acquisitions.

They can share first hand experiences and tell you first hand why they chose to join us.

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