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Digital pest control

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Setting A New Standard with Improved Data Transparency

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), devices with the ability to communicate with one another is no longer limited to gadgets. We believe data should influence key decisions as data-informed decisions are always the best. Hence, the ability to capture meaningful data stands at the core of the development of PestConnect.

PestConnect is our latest innovative solution designed to support businesses with increasingly stringent audit requirements and complex prerequisite programmes. It is an ecosystem of connected devices which capture and transmit data back to myRentokil, so data is available for customers and relevant stakeholders anytime, anywhere. With the availability of data at every stage, it provides our customers with improved data transparency and better traceability. Thus setting a new standard for pest control industry in Malaysia.

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Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 Accessible Data - Improved data transparency and traceability

  • Self-contained Unit with Discreet Design - Hygienic and unobstructive

  • Non-toxic Solution - Rodents are killed instantly and humanely without use of rodenticide

  • Alert System - Technician will be notified immediately, ensuring fast response and proactive service

  • Remote Monitoring with Command Centre - Self-monitoring capability so you can focus on your other priorities

Complementing Integrated Rodent Management

Our connected solutions can be used as part of an Integrated Rodent Management (IRM) programme to monitor rodent activities to determine the integrity and effectiveness of the control measures put in place, especially in areas where minimal human traffic or toxic solution is not allowed, i.e. server room and food preparation area. Once there is a catch, our team can quickly identify and review any gap in the solutions to ensure the programme continues to work. 

Since our units are equipped with self-monitoring systems, they are able to provide advance warning of issues such as low battery life, allowing timely renewal of batteries thereby ensuring continuous protection.

Each of our solutions offer our customers the five-stage cyclical service that includes:

  • Monitor - Units are placed at strategic locations around the premises to provide continuous monitoring of rodent activity

  • Alert - Units automatically detect rodent activity using infrared sensors, which allows the unit to activate when rodents are within range effectively trapping and killing the rodents humanely

  • Respond - Upon receiving alerts, our technicians will contact you to schedule a site visit within the agreed timeframe. Technicians will then remove the carcass, clean and reset units, as well as conduct a site inspection to determine how the infestation occured and future proofing methods

  • Report - Technicians will record all service activity on a smart device which sends data immediately to myRentokil. Our customers are able to access these service visits easily in a digital report

  • Review - Following onsite surveys, our technicians will recommend preventive measures which are made available to the customer in myRentokil. Customers can access all incident data to identify risks, act on recommendations and chart trends across all sites to comply with audit requirements

Rat Riddance Connect

Rat Riddance is a connected device that captures and kills rats effectively. Our latest innovation is suitable for sectors that face high risks of rodent infestations such as food production where toxic solutions are not viable.

The device is placed at strategic locations where rodent activity is suspected. Automatically activating once rodents are detected, the Rat Riddance Connect will send data of all catches to myRentokil for your access and viewing.

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