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Moth Pheromone Disruption System

Our Moth Pheromone trap is an effective, insecticide-free approach to moth control.

By disrupting the mating cycle of moths, these pheromone dispensers can help to effectively resolve moth problems on your premises.

In the long-term, this solution will help to keep your stored products safe from moth damage.

Key Facts:

  • Uses synthetically produced pheromones to disrupt the moth life cycle, reducing moth populations.
  • An environmentally friendly solution offering continual control that is non-toxic, with no risk of pesticide contamination of products.

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Using Our Pheromone Trap

If your business has a problem, our pheromone dispensers could be the perfect solution, offering continual preventative control of stored product moths.

As an insecticide-free product, it is suitable for use in a range of businesses, including the food industry.

How Our Disruption System Works

  • By placing several synthetically produced pheromone dispensers within areas infested with moths the disruption of mating can be achieved.

  • Male moths become bombarded by the pheromone, so that they cannot find the females to mate.

  • Males are attracted to the pheromone dispensers, so actively seek the dispensers and not the natural females.

  • By reducing the likelihood of successful mating, this decreases the level of moth infestation substantially.