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Termite Baiting Treatment

How Termite Baiting Treatment Works? 

Rentokil termite baiting treatment is specially designed to safeguard your property against subterranean termite infestation. Adopting the unique Seek, Bait and Eliminate method, this system destroys termite colonies by using an advanced termite baiting system and advanced termite detection technology. 

Rentokil Colony Elimination Professional Programme 

An innovative solution that is safe and non-toxic to seek, bait and manage termite infestation problem. The programme involves utilising an advanced monitoring technology to detect the presence of subterranean termites accurately, before strategically placing baiting and monitoring station that covers above- ground and in-ground area.

Due to their natural foraging behaviour, the termite workers will find the will then feed on the bait and share it with other termites in the colony. The active ingredients in the termite bait affects termites by stopping the moulting process they need to grow. As the worker termites die off, the colony declines to the point it can no longer sustain itself, ultimately leading to its elimination.

How the Baiting System Works 

Baiting systems consist of plastic sleeves with pieces of wood, paper and cardboard or any cellulose based materials to serve as “monitors” that are placed in the ground around the home. These “monitors” are then replaced with a bait once termite feeding has been detected. Above-ground systems with bait are also used proactively to address sites with active termite activity above ground.


  • Baiting procedures are conducted by experienced and qualified service technicians.

  • Quality checks to ensure that the termite baiting solution is carried out accordingly.

  • Technical support from local and global expertise.

  • Provide termite warranty, warranty period according to package purchased.


  • Peace of mind – routine and ongoing checks for signs of termite activity
  • Environmentally friendly – all stations contains non-toxic bait

The choice of a termite control system depends on many factors including, the termite species, your property’s construction and the severity of the termite problem. Your Rentokil termite control team will help you decide if the baiting method is right for you.

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