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Ecological Rat Control System

With the traditional method of rodent control utilizing rat poison bait and other harmful substances that contaminated the environment as well as area with food availability , we often neglect to think about the negative impact it has on our eco system and the serious health risks these substances pose to health of human and animals.

Our revolutionary rodent-control system – Ekomille, which completely ecological targets the rodent population because the food contained within and all its component are without the use of toxic or poisonous substances.

The Ekomille rodent control is the electromechanical device for the continuous and multiple rat capture, in combination with natural food substances, specifically chosen for rodent.

The principal characteristics which made Ekomille rodent control device unique are:

  • It captures both rats and mice
  • It captures efficiently and continuously
  • It reduces the rodent population and infestation activity
  • It is ecological and hygienic
  • It is particularly appropriate for premises with high rat infestation
  • It is safe for every environment such as food retailer, restaurants, food processing plants, hotels hospitals, shopping malls and private residence etc.

Service Application of Ecological Rat Control System by Rentokil

  • Our rodent expert technicians place the Ekomille rodent control device according to potential rodent infestation areas.
  • With the device switched, we put non-poison and natural food substances such as sunflower seed, pine seed and mix nuts as pre-rodent bait
  • We check the rodent infestation activity
  • We add water and preservative solution in the rodent capturing container while replenish rodent bait
  • We tested the Ekomille rodent control device to ensure it is switched on to work properly work
  • We monitor and report the rodent capture rate regularly and remove the captured rodents.

Benefits of Using Ecological Rat Control System with Rentokil

  • As opposed to conventional bait stations, which are used to poison rodents, the Ekomille rodent control system catches the rodents therefore reduces the population and activity levels
  • Completely biological and environment friendly without the use of toxic substances
  • No corpses lying around in inaccessible areas
  • No smell of decaying rodents
  • Lower risk of harm to humans for serious infections caused by corpses
  • Safe for children, workplace, public area and pets
  • Maximize hygiene as carcasses retain inside device
  • Counter dial to indicate number of rodents caught
  • Suitable to apply at indoor and outdoor environments

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