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Drain Treatment and Bioremediation Services

Fruit flies or small flies are more than just a nuisance in a food preparation area, they can cause big issues for your restaurants. Rentokil understands the challenges that the restaurants and bars usually face result from pest infestation:

  • Food safety violations and customer illness
  • Business closure
  • Revenue losses
  • Loss of customers
  • Negative publicity and social media exposure
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Compensation claims for interrupted service
  • High costs of treating extensive infestations3

Small flies can be signs of lapses in sanitation such as poor stock rotation practices, plumbing leaks or moisture problems, or cleaning issues, all of which are involved with food safety quality assurance.

The first step in eliminating problems with fruit or vinegar flies, drain flies, and other small flies is to have a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance program that addresses key areas of concern.

Benefits of Using Drain Treatment and Bioremediation Service with Rentokil

  • By using live microorganisms to digest fats, oils from flooring, drain lines, cracks and crevices area which are hard to reach, ultimately convert grease into carbon dioxide and water
  • Keep drains free-flowing
  • Remove grease buildup on grout
  • Reduce drain line and floor drain odors
  • Eliminate pest-attracting organic debris that result in potential pest issues
  • Effective method of flying insects control problems
  • Eco friendly that saves time and operational costs of plumbing, sewer and maintenance