Technical Expertise

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Our Technical Expertise

Like all service businesses, Rentokil is only as good as our people. Therefore, we’ve kept the team updated through different sets of development training including working conditions that are conducive for learning. By far it is widely acknowledged that our team has extensive experience in dealing with the needs of all types of business and home. You’ll be assured that the team will try their best to work as closely with you to achieve your business objectives or to protect your loved ones.

Services & Treatments

Our Research and Development team are always at the forefront in innovating integrated pest management solutions. This includes utilising cutting edge technology that aids accurate detection and inspection, and efficient solutions that are environmentally-friendly and safe. 

Reporting facilities are available to help businesses manage their documentation, audit compliance and reporting more effectively.

Rentokil Pest Control Service Technicians

Rentokil Hong Kong has about 90 Service Technicians countrywide. Our team of specialists is scheduled to undergo regular and comprehensive training programmes to enrich their competencies, skill sets and capabilities including pest knowledge, solution technicality, innovations, health and safety procedures and soft skill sets. As part of career development, our specialists are also required to undergo fire drill emergencies and first aid workshops. Every technician will be appraised with a structured performance evaluation. 

Here are why our Service Technicians are capable of protecting your home and businesses from pest invasions:

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training

They are given a wide scope of comprehensive training and kept well informed with the latest pest control treatments, which enable them to deploy the correct pest control methods.

Pest Behaviour

Pest Behaviour

Their understanding of pest behaviours allows them to identify pest vulnerabilities, which helps them to provide customers with proactive recommendations to minimise the risk of pest infestation.

Health and Safety Policies

Health and Safety Policies

All our Service Technicians comply with Rentokil's Health and Safety policy, which enables them to provide customers with safe pest eradication practice.

Termite Specialist

Our team of termite specialists is dedicated to protect both residential and commercial sectors with the highest service quality in termite control. Armed with extensive experience and knowledge on termite biology and behaviour, they can accurately identify the root cause of termite infestation thus deploying the correct termite control solutions.

Service Supervisors

Our Service Supervisors are a part of our dedicated team that strive to provide you with the best service quality. All Service Supervisors have exceptional knowledge in the pest control industry and have gone through extensive training in the company. They will continually review service productivity rates and consistently seek improvements in all areas of the Service Department.