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Rodent Behaviour During The Effects of COVID-19

Across the world, the effects of COVID-19 have dramatically altered human activity, including, work patterns, travel and leisure activity. This change in behaviour has had a dramatic effect not only on humans but has directly influenced the behaviour and populations of rodents that often unknowingly share our urban metropolis.



The main driver of change for rodent activity within Hong Kong is a change to their food sources. This initial change of reduced food waste availability from reduced capacity restaurants and people's efforts to maintain social distancing, has forced rodents to search for new and available food sources. The increased mobility has also led to rodents searching for new locations to settle. With offices, hotels and restaurants reduced capacity or closed, rodent populations have seen an increase in occupancy across these premises. Environmental health and rodent control programs have experienced an increase in service requests related to rodents and reports of unusual or aggressive rodent behaviour.


Rat eating

The increased rodent activity around residential neighbourhoods from increased household waste (as a result of so many more people working from home over this period) has concerned many property owners across the city, with rats known to spread pathogens, bacteria and virus.


Rodent Trap

At Rentokil Initial, we are offering business owners, hoteliers and homeowners peace of mind against damage and unwanted pest hospitality. As the experts in pest control, our inspection service highlights any potential concern for facilitating rodent infestation as well as providing leading control and management solutions, suitable and effective to your individual requirements.

Covered Bin

To prevent these intelligent and invasive pests causing damage and health concerns to your business or home we have been highlighting the importance of sealing up access into homes and businesses, removing debris and heavy vegetation, keeping garbage in tightly covered bins, and removing pet and bird food availability”. We highly recommend that rodent sightings are noted and that a specialist pest management provider like Rentokil Initial is considered to prevent rodent infestation. 

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