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Four reasons why you need to take control of that bird problem

Birds are not typically associated with dangerous pests but they can become problematic in the wrong location or in large numbers. Many business establishments grapple with bird control issues on a daily basis when pigeons or gulls begin to roost on their property in large numbers. Bird pests not only become a nuisance but they can cause serious damage to property, staff, customers and a business’ reputation.

Professional deterrent services can provide effective and discreet solutions to your bird problem, such as irritating bird sounds.

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Do you have a bird problem?

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Why do you need to take control of your bird problem?

  1. Structural damage to property

Bird debris such as feathers and nesting materials can block guttering and degrade roofing materials, which can lead to internal leaks and associated maintenance costs. Bird droppings are also particularly corrosive and can damage roofing, building materials and plant machinery.

  1. Bird droppings are more than just unsightly

Bird droppings cause a host of problems apart from defacing property and vehicles. They can create serious slip and fall hazards for staff and customers. They also spread diseases such as salmonella and E coli.

  1. Secondary insect infestations

Birds attract mites, fleas and ticks so a large population of birds on your property brings additional pest problems. Blocked guttering can also lead to mosquito infestation which carries its own health risks.

  1. Territorial behavior

Bird populations do not have to be large to display aggressive behavior. Birds such as pigeons and black birds become very territorial when nesting and will attack any passers-by.



What can be done?

Rentokil Initial offers a range of humane bird control options that are effective, long lasting and discreet without harming the birds. Clients are often concerned that bird deterrent installations will affect the aesthetic of their property but our treatments are not visible at ground level. All offer a no-kill alternative that simply deter the bird from roosting on the property. These include:

  • Non-toxic gel
  • Bird deterrent netting
  • Anti-perch spikes and wires
  • Egg and nest removal

The process begins with a site visit by one of our professionally trained bird control specialists to determine the most appropriate treatment method for the property. Once the proposal is approved, installation is swiftly completed with minimal disruption to the workplace.

Think you have a bird problem?

If you think you have spotted the signs of an infestation, call our bird specialists.

Our team of experts have extensive local experience and are trained monthly on the very best technologies and processes for bird control. We use methods that won’t harm the birds or disrupt your business.

Don’t let pest birds damage your property!

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