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4 things home owners need to know about termites

Termites are tiny insects that cause big problems. Every year, homeowners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on major household repairs due to termite damage, ranging from damaged furniture to sunken flooring. 

The trouble with termites is that they are often hard to detect until damage is already visible. By then, a major infestation is well underway and costly, remedial treatment is necessary. Rentokil Initial technicians are trained to spot the earliest signs of termites. This, coupled with termite monitoring systems placed around a property are the most effective ways to prevent termite colonies from advancing.


Prevention is better than cure

If you haven’t started building as yet, look into pre construction termite treatment. This preventive measure is applied before the foundation of a property is laid, creating a barrier between the soil and building and offering long term termite protection at a nominal cost. 

Consider termite monitoring

Whether you’ve recently completed a termite fumigation or have never had an infestation, termite monitoring is an inexpensive way to stop a colony from advancing towards your property. Interestingly, termite monitoring systems use termites’ own behavior to eradicate them. Monitoring units contain a bait that is attractive to the termites which they take back to share in the colony, unknowingly poisoning and wiping out their fellow termites.

Termites love moisture

Subterranean termites thrive in environments with high moisture levels. If your yard is regularly wet, from sprinklers, leaks, dripping air condition units or drainage issues, it can lead to structural damage and provide ideal conditions for termites to thrive.

Jammed doors and windows

Are your doors and windows sticking? Take a closer look, it could be a sign of termites. Apart from the obvious signs of blistered wood and mud tubes, termites can be silently working below the surface to undermine the structure of your property.


Despite the challenges of identifying termites, being on the lookout for common signs can help protect your property. Regular site assessments by termite experts are also a good idea to spot the early signs you may be missing.

For effective termite control solutions, Rentokil Initial offers preventive and corrective treatments tailored to specific termite species, property conditions, and activity levels. Our technicians provide comprehensive warranties, conduct periodic inspections, and use cutting-edge technology to address termite issues promptly.


Think you have a termite problem?

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