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Bird Control Solutions: Protecting Your Property and the Environment

Birds can add beauty to the natural landscape but can become a nuisance or hazard when they invade commercial properties. Managing bird pest problems effectively is crucial for businesses to protect their property and maintain a healthy environment. This blog will explore the benefits of hiring a professional bird control company and provide tips for ongoing bird pest prevention.

The Benefits of Professional Bird Pest Control

Dealing with pest birds can be challenging, especially in a commercial setting. Here's why professional bird pest control is a wise choice:

  • Expertise and Experience: Professionals have the expertise to identify different bird species and understand their behaviours, which is crucial for effective control.
  • Customised Solutions: Each property has unique challenges. A professional service like Rentokil offers tailored bird pest control solutions that suit specific needs.
  • Safety and Compliance: Professionals ensure that bird control measures comply with wildlife protection laws and are safe for both people and the environment.
  • Long-Term Effectiveness: Professional services provide long-term solutions to bird problems, reducing the likelihood of recurring infestations.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By preventing property damage and health hazards, professional bird control can be a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Deep Dive into Rentokil Bird Control Solutions

Rentokil Pest Control stands out in bird pest control, offering comprehensive and environmentally friendly solutions:

  • Bird Netting: Rentokil bird nets are designed to exclude birds. Their aim is to prevent birds from roosting and nesting on roofing, crevices and other areas.
  • Bird Spiking: Harmless and non-disruptive bird deterrent, Rentokil bird spikes offer long-term value and protection against birds for your business. This solution is not suitable for smaller bird species. 
  • Electric bird deterrents: Rentokil’s electric bird deterrent, Flex Track, works on any flat surface to completely exclude birds. It is ideal for use on parapets, roof peaks, beams, and ledges.
  • Optical bird scarer: Rentokil’s ‘Eagle Eye’ optical bird scarer reflects light bands to imitate the presence of a bird predator. It functions optimally in direct sunlight and can be powered by solar energy.

Tips for Ongoing Bird Pest Prevention

  • Regular Inspections: Conduct regular inspections of your property to identify potential bird attractants or nesting sites.
  • Maintenance of Control Measures: Ensure that bird deterrents like spikes, nets, or acoustic devices are well-maintained and functioning correctly.
  • Sanitation: Keep your property clean, especially areas where food is disposed of or consumed, as this can attract birds.
  • Landscape Management: Trim trees and vegetation that may provide bird nesting or roosting sites.
  • Professional Assessments: Rentokil experts thoroughly assess your property to identify specific bird pest problems and customise the most effective treatment plan.

Worried about birds on your premises?

Effective bird pest control is essential for protecting your commercial property and the environment. Partnering with a professional service like Rentokil benefits you from expert knowledge, customised solutions, and long-term effectiveness. Remember, ongoing prevention and maintenance of bird control measures are key to keeping your property bird-free.

If you have or suspect a pest problem or would like to know more about protecting your home or premises from birds, contact us today.

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