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The important step often overlooked in rodent control

The important step often overlooked in rodent control

And why you won’t get rid of your rodent problem for good without it

There’s a reason rodents have thrived for over 200,000 years. They are smart, agile and highly adaptable; and their sources of food and shelter are guaranteed with growing and migrating human populations.  Despite advanced research and technology, there is no single easy way to get rid of rodents. Success is typically found with a multi-pronged approach, but traditional methods often focus on capture and elimination, omitting an important step that can make a notable difference in rodent control.

Trapped in traps

Snap traps, glue traps, electric traps and bait boxes are all effective in capturing rodents, but they are only one part of the solution. Traps operate on the premise that rats will continue to be successfully lured by the bait. The problem with ongoing trapping as the only treatment for a rodent infestation is that rodents have evolved enough to know that if their fellow rat is caught and killed, they will simply avoid that particular area while going about their foraging. The traps alone therefore do not get rid of the rodents.

The next step

For traps to play a successful role in rodent control, they need to be implemented with rodent proofing. Rodent proofing involves the sealing off of potential access points by which rodents are entering the property. Because rodents can contort their bodies to fit through spaces as small as 20mm, small unsealed gaps or cracks around plumbing, wires, air conditioning pipes or units are prime access points by which they can enter a space.

A complete approach

When a Rentokil technician visits a property for rodent control, he will first conduct a survey to determine where the rodents are finding access. For gaps that are relatively large, the technician will advise the owner on the best way to seal off the area. For small to medium sized gaps and cracks, the technician will apply Rentokil proofing materials that have been rigorously tested to withstand rodent gnawing such as heavy mesh, caulk and steel wool. Rentokil can also supply door sweeps and other solutions to keep rodents out. Once proofing is implemented, traps and/or bait boxes are positioned to capture and kill rodents that remain within the space.

Rodent proofing is an important, but often overlooked, step in complete rodent control. DIY proofing methods may not be as resilient as professional methods which is why professional pest providers are always recommended for rodent problem. Rodent proofing as a preventive measure is also highly recommended for properties that may not have a current rodent problem but are within a general area of known or potential rodent activity.



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