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Six ways to mosquito-proof your home

Six ways to mosquito-proof your home

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. They are carriers of deadly diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. In the Latin American and Caribbean region, over 4,500 dengue related deaths have already been reported for 2024, highlighting the critical need to ramp up our defenses against mosquitoes.

A Few Facts

  • Female mosquitoes bite humans and other animals as a requirement to produce a batch of eggs after mating. It is during this cycle that mosquitoes transmit disease organisms to their host.
  • Male mosquitoes pose no threat, feeding only on nectar.
  • Mosquitoes tend to be more active around dusk and dawn hours, though it is important to note that the Aedes Aegypti species remain active throughout the day. Round the clock protection is therefore necessary in our part of the world.
  • Female mosquitoes only need ½ tablespoon stagnant water to lay their eggs.

1 – Eliminate potential breeding spots

Because we understand how little mosquitoes require to reproduce and thrive, constant vigilance is necessary to eliminate potential breeding areas. Eggs and larvae can be commonly found at the edge, on and in stagnant pools of water such as open ditches and wide areas of standing water. This also includes poorly maintained swimming and paddling pools, containers that trap water, dripping outdoor taps that produce a pool of water, clogged gutters, and even the catch trays of decorative planters.

2 – Keep mosquitoes out

Preventing mosquitoes from coming inside is a highly valuable line of defense. Install insect screens on windows and interior doors of your home and seal openings. Keep doors closed as much as possible especially at dusk and dawn and reduce outdoor lighting at night. Beds and cribs should be covered with mosquito nets for an additional layer of protection.

3 - Encourage natural predators

Many birds, reptiles and other creatures that frequent our gardens are natural predators of mosquitoes. Bats are also excellent mosquito predators. If you are concerned about them becoming a nuisance inside of your home, mounting bat houses / boxes in your garden will dissuade them from entering your home to roost.  

4 – Maintain a neat garden

Mosquitoes tend to look for shady and leafy areas to rest during the day. Maintaining a neat and tidy garden removes potential resting spots near your home.

5 - Protect yourself and loved ones

Dress in light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing. Studies indicate that some mosquito species are more attracted to dark clothing and easily bite through tight-fitting clothes. Where possible, wear loose-fitting long sleeves and trousers to keep arms and legs covered. Make use of mosquito repellents that contain approved active ingredients such as DEET, Picaridin, or IR3535, all of which are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), CDC and World health Organisation for mosquito protection. While many ‘natural’ repellents are available, their ability to protect humans effectively is minimal and do not usually provide adequate protection for the duration of time most humans need while outdoors.

6 – Get help from a professional pest control expert

Effective mosquito control involves identifying, preventing and minimising mosquito breeding sites. While the above tips can help to protect your home from mosquitoes, combining these methods with professional treatment is the surest way to control mosquitoes. Rentokil’s expertise in mosquito control stems from our tried-and-tested processes and proven techniques to survey, assess, and manage mosquito infestations for residential properties. We offer solutions regardless of the size of your property and use approved products that target mosquitoes. Our mosquito-control approach includes inspection of your entire property to identify breeding sites and entry points into your home, larval treatment for high-risk breeding areas and misting to immediately eliminate active adult mosquito populations.  Our treatment technology encompasses the most up-to-date, environmentally friendly product line to protect your health, property and the environment.

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