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Global account management

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Global account management

As leaders in the commercial pest control industry, we recognise the importance of having genuine expertise in understanding our customers’ challenges when managing pest control requirements across multiple business locations with complex supply chains.  

With pest threats varying across climate zones, regulations and legislation, buildings and businesses, our team provides global expertise with local knowledge across the 80 countries in which we operate in.


Why have a global relationship with us?

Our Global Accounts team has years of experience in establishing major global pest implementations across multiple countries. No matter where in the world you do business, we can work with you to understand your specific needs and quickly put together a tailored pest control management programme based on your business realities and our existing intellectual property (IP).

We offer our customers a single Master Services Agreement (MSA) with agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) so that we can ensure a consistent and professional service whilst retaining central accountability and management.

The relationship you have with us is key, not only at a global level but also locally at the sites we service. The Global Accounts team is supported by local and regional account management teams to ensure successful implementations, quality of service delivery and also provides an escalation point for global contract or service management issues. This network successfully supports more than half a million customers worldwide.

Disinfection services for global businesses

In light of the recent developments regarding the coronavirus, Rentokil are here to support our global customers by providing fast, responsive disinfection services to provide reassurance to businesses that could be affected by potentially hazardous situations, eradicating harmful pathogens quickly, safely and in a discreet, legally compliant manner.

Our qualified technicians are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment, respiratory protective equipment and specialist disinfection equipment to work safely and effectively.

Global industry partners

As leaders in the commercial pest control industry, we work in close partnership with auditing and regulatory bodies to shape and influence the future of pest control standards and guidelines.

Our relationship with industry bodies such as GFSI, AIB and BRC Global Standards keeps us ahead of latest industry trends and new regulations while collaborations with leading technology experts such as Google and PA Consulting keep us abreast of advancing technology to deliver compliant and connected pest control developments at pace.

Sector expertise

We have the pest control expertise across a wide range of industry sectors from food processing to facility management.  We are confident in delivering sector expertise and insights across our network of regional and local subject matter experts.  We can demonstrate our niche capabilities to treat sector-specific issues such as delivering effective pest control in grain silos or in the woodgrain of delicate antiques.

World class innovations

We help businesses manage complex pest requirements by applying globally renowned principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions in order to minimise the effects on the environment.

With unrivalled investments in research and development within the pest control industry, Rentokil is at the forefront of behavioural science and observation research to inform our innovation development and product pipeline.

At our Global Research & Development Centre - known as The Power Centre, our central team of entomologists, biologists, product engineers and regulatory experts embrace and experiment with new technologies and innovations.  As a customer, our Global Accounts team can organise personalised tours of the Power Centre and will keep you informed about our market-leading innovations such as PestConnect, Rapidpro, HygieneConnect and Lumnia and AutoGate.

Comprehensive reviews, real-time reporting

We provide a tailored review process custom to your business needs, ensuring the pest control management services delivered are efficient, effective and continually compliant to ever-changing legislation.

Consolidated reports - underpinned by trend reporting and analytic tools from myRentokil - informs recommendations, identifies challenges and supports third-party audits.

For many of our customers, certification is a legal requirement for demonstrating compliance and as such, all our service technicians are highly trained and have the relevant certifications to deliver professional services.



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