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About Rentokil

Rentokil, the experts in pest control, have stood for effective control ever since we were founded in 1927 in the UK. Our business has been providing effective and reliable pest control to both commercial and residential customers since then and have grown to become most trusted pest controller.

Our team of 15 pest control experts service the country of Ghana. We have technicians specially trained in pest control treatments to provide expert solutions to our customers, whatever pest issues they may encounter. Rentokil prides itself on its local expertise in pest control and in our understanding of seasonal pest trends. We are part of the Rentokil Initial family, with over 126 years of combined experience in the region and a presence in 9 other countries across Africa.

Our People

Our difference lies in our people. They are the face of our company and at the heart of what we do. We invest in a highly knowledgeable and experienced team to deliver, and support the delivery, of pest control solutions that protect Ghana’s homes and businesses.

Our technicians are the absolute best in the industry, trained regularly on the best technologies and processes and the support of a back-of-house team. Our customer service team are friendly, knowledgeable, responsive and ready to support you in your quest to be pest free.

Innovative Leaders

Rentokil has never stopped leading through innovation, gathering an unrivalled store of pest control expertise staying one jump ahead of the latest pests — by developing our products and services faster than they evolve.

Our Reputation

We protect reputation and minimise risk as well as safeguard families and their homes. We put the environment first and aim to cause the least possible impact and adhere to our corporate social responsibilities. We support best practice procedures and ensure all staff practice these on a daily basis alongside following all Health and Safety principles.

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