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Championing global food safety standards

Every year pests cause enormous damage to the the food industry. They disrupt production processes, hit revenue and pose major threats to health, safety and sanitary compliance. Rentokil has years of experience helping global food businesses adhere to rigorous food safety legislations and regulations with innovative pest control solutions and local expertise provided by our highly trained technicians.

As the industry experts we know what it takes to protect your business against a wide variety of pest threats. We have been steadily committed in not only innovating our pest control solutions so that businesses can continually succeed food safety audits, but also harness technologies to advance food safety standards, thereby enabling the global food supply chain to help mitigate pest risk.

Our commitment to advancing food safety

We know the risks a potential pest problem can create. We also know how challenging it can be to manage emerging global threats while staying on top of regulatory reforms on food safety standards.

Drawing on years of experience, we apply our expert knowledge to support food businesses globally by harnessing innovation and expertise to deliver technology-enabled solutions that achieve audit compliance and mitigate risks throughout the supply chain worldwide.

We use scientific research and on-ground industry experience to drive continuous innovation, developing new technologies that can be tailored to your business, to help you meet exacting compliance standards whilst providing optimal protection.

Our world-leading Global Research and Development Centre monitors the full range of pest biology and behaviour to help us understand how pests are evolving, putting us at the forefront of breakthrough non-toxic solutions and preventative monitoring that will meet the pest control challenges of tomorrow.

Our expertise in global food safety

We are leading the way forward when it comes to:

  • Harnessing technology that pioneers innovations to address global food safety challenges.

  • Managing the complexities of global food safety legislation, regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Staying ahead on the latest trends and developments taking shape across the global food supply chain.

Leading innovations

Innovation is key at Rentokil and our focus is to harness technologies to create pest control solutions that are highly effective and efficient to address commercial challenges affecting large-scale businesses, especially the food sector.

Minimising business risk

We understand that food businesses have a zero tolerance to pests, against a backdrop of increasingly complex global supply chains and tightening regulations. We have years of experience in keeping multinational food businesses safe from the risks that pest infestations bring and understand the complex challenges that emerge from the increasingly rigorous legislative and compliance requirements.

Data and insights

With our global insights and local expertise, we have a finger on the pulse of smart data trends, technological developments and pest control challenges across the global food supply chain.



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