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Termite Monitoring

By the time termites are found, it’s probably already too late. Termite infestations are not easy to spot and they can do incredible amounts of damage. Preventative measures can provide a “safety bubble” for your home.

  • What is Termite Monitoring? - This plan is a form of termite prevention and treatment. It involves the use of unobtrusive termite bait stations, which are placed around the perimeter of your property to detect termite activity. Your Rentokil Termite Expert will routinely monitor these stations for activity and if detected, bait is added to the system.

    The termite workers consume the bait and take it back to the nest feeding their nest mates therefore infecting and eliminating the colony.

    Any increased activity means that our Termite Expert will automatically increase their visits to ensure optimum protection of your home.

  • Who should use Termite Monitoring? - A Termite Monitoring program is suitable for most people who want to take steps towards protecting their home or business from termite infestations, particularly if you are in a high risk termite area.

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