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Chemical Termite Barriers

By the time termites are found, it’s probably already too late. Termite infestations are not easy to spot and they can do incredible amounts of damage. Preventative measures can provide a “safety bubble” for your home.

  • What is a Chemical Termite Barrier - A chemical termite barrier involves applying a liquid chemical to the soil, either under concrete flooring and/or around the entire perimeter of your building’s foundations. Our Termite Control Technicians are trained to take care of your home or business, working with you to create an effective barrier with the minimum disruption to your premises and its surroundings.

  • Who should use the Chemical Termite Barrier? - A chemical barrier is suitable for most people who want to take steps towards protecting their home or business from termite infestations. A chemical barrier has the advantage that it can be implemented at any time.

  • Types of Chemical Barrier - There are various types of chemical termite barriers, for example some chemicals are designed to kill the termites and others are designed to deter them. Every termite situation is different, so choosing the right type of termite chemical barrier for you is very important. Rentokil’s experienced Termite Control Technicians are trained regularly to update their expertise in your local area and its environment, as well as the latest technology so they can empower you to make that choice.

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