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Stored product insect control

The ‘stored product insects’ category covers a large number of insects that can infest a variety of stored products, in particular foodstuffs such as grains, cereals, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and even tobacco. Stored product insects are a health hazard for both private homes and businesses like food processing plants, warehouses, bakeries, stores, restaurants, mills, farms and silos. They can also cause enormous economic losses by damaging and contaminating food products. Any contamination caused by these pests will make your food unfit for human consumption. 

Rentokil’s experienced technicians understand the habits of various stored product insects and they use this insight and knowledge to recommend effective and targeted treatments.


SPI inspection and monitoring

Technicians will inspect your premises to locate nesting sites and determine the species of SPI and its feeding habits. To help identify activity areas and hot spots, traps and lures will be placed around your home or business environment.

Precision spraying

Insecticide treatment spray is applied to targeted areas where there is insect activity, such as paths, skirting boards, window sills, cupboards, cracks and crevices. This type of treatment is useful to get rid of stored product pests in a structural environment.


SPI fumigation involves the use of gas insecticides to kill all life stages of stored product pests in raw material or products. The fumigation process involves sealing a facility, or part of a facility, where an SPI infestation is severe.


Your local SPI control professionals

All Rentokil technicians are highly qualified and trained to industry standards. Our local teams offer a wide range of SPI control solutions for the most effective outcome.

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How much does SPI control cost?

SPI control costs vary according to a number of factors. The cost will ultimately reflect the time and effort it will take to manage them in your home or business. The following factors will also contribute to the cost of stored product insect control:

SPI species

Identifying the type and size of SPI infestation plays a key role in the solutions your Rentokil technician will recommend.

Size of premises

The square meterage of your property and premises will have a direct impact on the type of treatment used and the number of follow-up treatments required.

The severity of SPI infestation

If many SPIs are present, you may require more extensive treatment, including revisits. This will have an impact on treatment costs.

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How to identify signs of SPI

It is important to be able to identify the earliest signs of a SPI activity to enable a quick solution and a guaranteed control measure which helps prevent a re-infestation.