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Controlling other pests

From weevils to wildlife, we treat a variety of common public health and nuisance pests - and almost everything in between - in both residential and commercial environments. Whatever your pest control needs, get in touch with us today.

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Rentokil offers humane and effective bird control solutions designed to protect commercial properties from all species of pest birds.


Rentokil offers a range of effective fly control solutions that employ the latest innovations and technologies to help protect homes and businesses.


Safe, effective wasp control and wasp nest removal. All treatments are customised based on maturity and location of the wasp nest.


Rentokil offers professional flea treatments for your home or business, with spray solutions focusing on both the interior and exterior of your property.


Our technicians have expert knowledge of Fiji spider species and can provide appropriate treatment, recommendations and advice.

Wood borers

The term ‘wood borer’ covers many types of wood boring beetles, some with wonderful names like Auger, Jewel, Stag and Pinhole Borers.

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About Rentokil

At Rentokil, our mission is to "protect people and enhance lives"