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How to get rid of bed bugs

The best way to get rid of bed bugs in your home or business is by enlisting the help of a pest control professional. Contact us today for expert help.

At home, there are a few actions you can take such as washing infested items at a high temperature and vacuuming regularly to get rid of bed bugs naturally. This will help to control the problem but will not be able to remove it completely.

For this reason, businesses at greatest risk, like hotels, should not attempt to get rid of bed bugs without expert help.

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1. Identify your pest

The first step to solving any pest problem is to know what pest you are dealing with.

In this case, you need to be sure you have bed bugs and not another biting insect such as mosquitoes or fleas. Pest control services and solutions vary depending on the species infesting your home or business.

Bed bugs are nocturnal, only coming out at night to feed, which makes them difficult to spot. During the day they tend to hide in cracks and crevices near their prefered feeding area (usually a bed).

If you can identify the common signs of bed bugs, it will help to confirm if there is an infestation present in your home or business.

Correct identification of a bed bug or bed bug bite will help you to choose the most effective pest control solution, saving you both time and money.


Think you've been bitten by a bed bug?

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2. Choose your method

DIY or professional?

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, you should only seek professional help even though there is the option of DIY.

The DIY option, not recommended, requires you to take a proactive approach to managing an infestation. It will take up a lot of time and will need to be carefully monitored to ensure it is successful.

You will need a basic awareness of common bed bug hotspots to make your spot treatments more effective. You will also need to understand how and where they can spread to control the level of infestation.

The professional option requires you to find your local, expert pest controller to get rid of the problem for you.

DIY bed bug treatment (not recommended)

If you decide to control bed bugs on your own, there are a few steps you can take straight away to try and manage the problem.

How to get rid of bed bugs yourself

  1. Inspect - check bed bug hot spots such as mattress seams, bed frames, headboards, along the edge of carpets, and nearby furniture (cabinets, drawers, armchairs, sofas) for live insects.
  2. Wash - wash infested bedding at a high temperature of 60℃ for ideally 90 minutes.
  3. Heat - If possible, place items into a tumble dryer for minimum 30 minute cycle.
  4. Vacuum - vacuum your bed, mattress, and any area near to where you have spotted bed bugs. Use the hose attachments to clean along walls and around edges. Afterwards, empty your vacuum into an outside bin.

Although these steps can help to control the problem, they do not guarantee to remove bed bugs completely. The most effective solution for complete bed bug removal is by an expert pest control professional.

Professional bed bug treatment

  • How to get rid of bed bugs in your home

    Waking up to discover bed bug bites will still be very distressing, especially if young children are involved.

    If you have taken all the necessary bed bug prevention procedures and have not achieved success with DIY treatments, your next step should be to contact a pest control professional.

    At Rentokil, our experts understand the habits of bed bugs and use their knowledge to choose the correct bed bug control methods for your property.

    We offer a range of different bed bug solutions which effectively manage a bed bug problem at each stage of their life cycle from eggs to fully grown adults.


    How to get rid of bed bugs in your business

    When it comes to bed bugs, businesses operating in the hospitality industry are at greatest risk. This is due to the high volumes of traffic hotels, B&Bs, and motels receive each day, which increases the risk of a bed bug infestation.

    A report done in 2015 from Rentokil reveals that on average bed bug infestations cause a minimum of 3.5 weeks of disruption. Bed bugs are likely to cause the largest number of compensation claims (compared to other pest infestations). Read more about the business impact of bed bugs.

    The consequences are significant for brand reputation, customer reviews, employee morale, operational efficiency and ultimately revenue and profits.

    When it comes to bed bugs and business, DIY treatment options are far too risky and cannot guarantee success.

    For complete protection, you should depend on a qualified, expert pest controller for expert bed bug control.

    At Rentokil we not only offer innovative bed bug solutions but also provide companies with training to help educate staff on how to successfully spot the early signs of bed bugs before an infestation can break out.

Why use Rentokil?

With Rentokil you can be assured of complete pest protection.

Our focus on control solutions will ensure complete removal of your pest problem. At the same time, our approach to pest protection will help your home or business remain pest-free long-term.

Our experience and expertise in the pest control industry should reassure you of the quality of our service and our expertly trained pest controllers.

  • We tailor our products to target pests by species.
  • We customise our solutions based on the uniqueness of your home, building or business premises - recognising that every pest problem is different.
  • We use advanced solutions approved by industry governing bodies - helping to ensure reliability and success.
  • Our large network of entomologists and field biologists support the services and products used by our pest controllers on-site.

3. Take action

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