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For Rentokil Initial Fiji, the journey associated with winning ‘The Prize award in Business Excellence’ has been invaluable. The entire team across Fiji have been 100% committed to the journey and are extremely proud of the achievement. 

Rentokil Initial Fiji started this process back in 2012 with a full review of all existing policies, practises and frameworks. “As a business we stepped back and looked at how we could make Rentokil Initial Fiji the undisputed best in the industry, aligning our business to the FBEA excellence framework has been key to this success.” Commented Edwin Pillay, Rentokil Initial Fiji Country Manager and Director. 

As a global organisation Rentokil Initial are continuously striving to be even better at what they do, delivering the right things, with the right people, the right way. Edwin Pillay comments “For us, the acknowledgment of our business via the FBEA is a huge honour, but it doesn’t end here. Rentokil Initial globally are on a journey of continuous improvement and Fiji intend to lead the charge on this front. Regularly reviewing our processes and procedures is something that is imbedded as a core part of our business now, we are always looking for ways to improve the service we offer our customers and we are so proud of where we are taking the business.” 

Pest Control and Hygiene are essential services, and the risks associated with either of these services not being delivered at a premium level can be hugely detrimental to a business. Over the next year Rentokil Initial are going to continue to strive to be even better at what they do and are aiming to be recipients of the President award in 2016. 

Alain Moffroid, Rentokil Initial Pacific Managing Director, attended the awards and was honoured to receive the award on behalf of the team. “The Fiji business is a key part of our Company and I am so proud of the team here. The work they have put into not only the award submission, but more importantly, into delivering on the promise to our employees and customers, is very pleasing.”

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