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Heat treatments

Heat treatment is used for the sterilisation and / or devitalisation of both imported and exported goods without the use of toxic gases. It is an environmentally friendly solution that is safe and harmless to your goods and products.

Goods suitable for this treatment include birdseeds, grains, herbs, bark products, Bali grass thatching, water hyacinth and moss products.

With export packaging guidelines that came into effect in early to mid-2004, exporters have the option for fumigation, heat treatment or kiln drying.

Our experience at Rentokil shows that due to the damaging affects of Methyl Bromide on the Ozone layer, some countries prefer heat treated timber packaging.

Rentokil’s heat treatment solutions

We can provide Fiji companies a service for some products that have to be heat treated before they can go overseas or to the public.

We can offer a Dry Heat treatment.

Rentokil’s NEW Entotherm Heat Pod eliminates all types of insects through the application of heat within a unique, Rentokil designed, Heat Pod. Entotherm is an innovative, chemical-free heat treatment solution. It's a mobile system which delivers 'dry heat' to any contained area, removing insect infestations in a single, quick and efficient treatment. 

The Heat Pod has been designed by Rentokil to be quick to set up within a customer's premises. 

  • Easy and convenient treatment of insect infested items on site. 
  • Allows quicker treatment. 
  • Eliminates the risk of items being damaged if taken off site. 

Call Rentokil on 334 0000 to schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements for heat treatment or fumigation.

Dry heat treatment

This chemical-free heat remedy reaches all areas of insect infested materials placed within the Heat Pod. It only requires a single treatment to solve an insect pest problem quickly with minimum disruption.

Some of the products that can be treated with dry heat include honey, some grains and poppy seeds.

Personal effects are heat treated to ensure there is no foreign product coming into Fiji to affect our flora and fauna.

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