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We have been providing fumigation services throughout Fiji for over 50 years. We provide on-going training to our pest control technicians enabling them to provide the most efficient fumigation and pest control service, whenever you need it.

Fumigation is recognised as an effective means of targeted control of Stored Product Insects (SPIs) such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths.

It can safeguard businesses such as shipping and cargo, manufacturing, warehousing, milling and agriculture.

Shipping and cargo fumigation treatments can control infestations of bulk consignments at sea, and in port. This ensures that shipments are transported safely and without risk of contamination.

Rentokil’s fumigation services

Over the years, fumigation has changed rapidly in Fiji and Rentokil is up to date with all procedures and treatments.

Our solutions

With access to a wide range of fumigation services, we can ensure the most suitable form of treatment for your pest control needs.

Our service benefits

  • Over 90 years global experience.
  • Dedicated in-house research and development department - located in the UK, with highly qualified technical specialists (entomologists, biologists and chemists)

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