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Optical bird scarer

Rentokil’s ‘Eagle Eye’ optical bird scarer functions optimally in direct sunlight, and can be powered by solar energy to offer effective bird control for your property.

This discreet method of managing bird problems is completely harmless to pest birds and will not disrupt your daily business operation. 

Using Rentokil’s optical bird scarer

Our expert bird control specialists provide this service to businesses requiring a discreet and cost-effective method to manage pest bird problems.

How it works

The ‘Eagle Eye’ optical bird deterrent works by reflecting light beams.

  • The light bands, including the ultraviolet and infrared bands in the light spectrum are reflected back to the bird imitating the presence of a predator bird.

  • This causes the bird to deviate and fly in another direction.

  • It does not affect sitting birds but hinders the bird at the angle which they come in to land at their destination.

It is suitable to specific sites – with specific weather conditions only.

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