GRLC 2019

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Global Restaurant Leadership Conference 2019

Themed ‘The future of food service’, the 4th edition of the annual Global Restaurant Leadership Conference (GRLC) took place 3–6 November 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.

The GRLC is the primary event for the food service industry, attracting over 1,200 of the most senior executives from the world’s leading companies.

Each year, delegates from across the world gather to learn from industry experts about the latest global trends, innovations and consumer behaviours that are shaping the future of the food service industry and network with the leading players in the industry.

How we protect the food service sector

Rentokil Initial protects food service businesses in over 80 countries worldwide. Our industry-leading solutions and services for pest control and hygiene help some of the world’s largest restaurant chains protect customers and staff in both food and non-food areas.

Our services help you maintain high food safety standards, comply with legislative and audit requirements, avoid litigation, unhappy guests, and protect your reputation and brand.

We also offer a range of discreet, effective pest control and hygiene solutions to ensure guest comfort and enhance the dining experience.

With our local expertise and global reach, we can provide you with consistent services across your estate, ensuring high standards of safety to protect the wellbeing of staff and diners, whilst supporting operational cost savings throughout your restaurants and across your portfolio.

Innovation forum: Future of food - How digital pest management is transforming food safety

At GRLC this year, Rentokil Initial’s Group Category Director, Mark Reader, hosted a unique session exploring pest management in a time of digital evolution and showed how this is transforming food safety by enabling businesses to stay one step ahead of pests.

In a world of increasing consumer expectations and ever-growing pest threats, food safety has never been so critical. The Innovation Forum, therefore, explored the valuable capabilities of digitally enhanced pest-management and how they can support restaurants. It included real-world examples of how these are already being used to help global food businesses reduce risk, increase transparency and introduce new levels of efficiency and control.

The Innovation forum also shared insights into how restaurants can embrace digital pest management effectively and fully harness all its benefits to protect their staff, diners and reputation all around the world.



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