GFSI Conference 2022

29 - 31 March 2022

The 2022 edition of the GFSI Conference, themed ‘Delivering impact for sustainable food’ will be held at the International Barcelona Convention Centre (CCIB), Spain from 29 - 31 March 2022

The Global Food Safety Conference is an annual event that brings together food safety specialists from around the world. This year, the theme and central discussion topic of the GFSI Conference is ‘delivering impact for safe, sustainable food’. It focuses on the world’s challenges to feed almost eight billion people safely and sustainably. Join us as we highlight how pest control can contribute to sustainability in the food sector.


Book a time with one of our experts

Find us at the conference at Stand 27 in the Exhibition Hall, International Barcelona Convention Center to gain insight into the latest science, technology and best practice currently being harnessed to help our customers deliver safer food across the world. Book a time with one of our experts to discuss your pest management or hygiene requirements.

When food is at the core of your business, nothing can be left to chance. We understand the challenges your business faces when assessing and controlling risks throughout complex global supply chains. Join us at GFSI Conference 2022 to understand how we pioneer new technologies and deliver innovative solutions to offer the next generation of pest control products and services to help you increase transparency, proactively manage pest risks and ensure food safety.

What is the GFSI Conference?

The Global Food Safety Initiative provides thought leadership and guidance on food safety management across the entire supply chain. Every year experts from food retail, food manufacturing, food service industries, governments and service providers meet at the GFSI Conference. Here, they share knowledge on changing demographics, evolving consumer demand and developments in science and technology.

Your chance to win a Hextio air purifier

Visit stand 27 at #GFSI22 for the chance to win a free, lightweight Hextio desktop air purifier each day of the conference – helping you breathe cleaner air.

Our commitment to food safety 

At Rentokil, our mission is to protect people and enhance lives. Food businesses trust us to help advance their food safety standards and we have been doing it for over 95 years. We understand it can be difficult to meet the demands of strict legislation and we are committed to helping you comply with auditing requirements and mitigating pest and hygiene risks. To demonstrate our commitment, we are proud to sponsor the GFSI Conference for the eight year running.

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