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Rentokil’s commitment to our people, environment and communities

At Rentokil, we are committed to protecting people and enhancing lives. We do this by providing essential pest control to protect our customers in their living and working environments.

Delivering sustainable pest control solutions

For us, sustainability means delivering our products and services responsibly and protecting the environment by acting in the most responsible manner. We have an ongoing focus to align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by reducing emissions and use of natural resources to develop more environmentally friendly products and processes

Our global research and development centre, the Power Centre, is at the forefront of pest control innovation, developing and testing the latest pest control solutions to support businesses across the globe.Sustainability risks for critical suppliers are identified and managed by the Global Product Quality Manager, whilst risks for major local suppliers are identified and managed by local Quality Managers and the country procurement team.

The Power Centre validates chemicals used in pesticides to ensure they meet public regulations for all markets, such as REACH in Europe. Hardware and equipment is validated to ensure compliance to local regulations such as the CE mark for products sold in Europe and the RoHS directive, which includes the verification of second and third-tier sources of components. The Power Centre also drives industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control, developing products that improve the safety of pesticides as well as chemical-free, non-toxic treatments.

Rentokil’s commitment to environmental responsibility

The Company’s environmental focus is to use resources more efficiently in order to reduce environmental impacts (including emissions, water and energy consumption). Our principal emissions are derived from vehicle fuel consumption. Policies relating to the environment are Company-wide. Reviewed regularly by the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) leadership team, its focus is on establishing local business protocols and approaches relevant to each business.

Improving vehicle efficiency

The Company has a range of programmes including using vehicle technology and influencing driving behaviour designed to deliver improved vehicle efficiency. These include implementing route optimisation software and continued focus on improving route optimisation through acquisitions close to existing locations, smarter selling and deployment of new technologies such as the Service+ routing and scheduling system.

Rentokil vehicle efficiency

Trialling electric service vehicles

In 2018, we began to test the use of electric and hybrid vehicles in Norway, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and France. During 2019, our fleet and SHE functions established a process for determining the viability of vehicles (evaluating load-carrying and range – around 20,000 miles per year), and rolled out trials in urban locations, where electric vehicles may be more suitable, and where emissions restrictions dominate.

The carbon footprint of a fully electric car is reduced by 3.25 tonnes of CO2 per vehicle. With 10% of the fleet in Norway fully electric, this translates into a saving of 55 tonnes CO2 per year.

Electric car charging

Reducing paper consumption

An app to support Site Risk Assessments (SRAs) was developed to remove paper processes at the start of each sales and service visit. Tested in Singapore and Malaysia, the app was used by 206 service technicians and 17 sales people. Prior to the development of the app, 12,500 SRAs were completed on paper each year and 124,000 were printed out on service dockets.

The app not not only improved productivity sevenfold by reducing the labour of manual entries but also reduced paper usage by about 1 tonne per year - an estimated saving of 18 trees. Following a full roll out to offices across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, the app is expected to save 8 tonnes of paper per year, an estimated saving of 136 trees.

Rentokil technician using apps to reduce paper consumption

Charitable and community support

The Company focuses on developing strong local businesses supported by global know-how, and its approach to community relations reflects this structure. We recognise the importance to colleagues of community involvement and to other stakeholders. Colleagues are enthusiastic supporters of local and national charities, and we strive to build on this enthusiasm.

Malaria No More UK

The Company has actively supported the charity Malaria No More UK (MNM) for six years, raising over £200,000 to date.

Over the years, colleagues have come up with many ingenious fund-raising ideas including mountain climbs, cake bakes and bungee jumps.

Cool Earth Partnership

Through the Company’s partnership with Cool Earth to halt deforestation, around 1,000 acres of rainforest in Papua New Guinea will be protected, preventing the release of CO2 from deforestation – an amount that balances the Company’s 2017 carbon footprint of 230,000 tonnes of CO2.

The programme in Papua New Guinea is also part of the UK’s flagship dedication to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy – a prestigious global initiative of forest protection and ecological conservation.

Global account management

Providing multinational businesses with comprehensive, tailored solutions to support your global pest control needs

Innovation and expertise

Our Global Research and Development centre drives our industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control