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Acquisition Case Study: Pestcone

Acquisition case study: Pestcone

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Name of business acquired: Pestcone Pestcontrol Services

Country: India

Date acquired: 01/06/2014

About Pestcone Pestcontrol Services

Pestcone Pestcontrol Services was established in 1988 and had a presence in all the major cities of Gujarat, India. They offered a comprehensive range of high quality Pest Control services and specialised bird control services.

Why did Rentokil Initial pursue the acquisition of Pestcone?

After establishing RI in South India and consolidating its position for the past three years it was now imperative for the business to grow pan-India. The target company was based in Gujarat, West India and allowed RI to enter three major cities of the fast growing state of Gujarat.

Pestcone was also one of the leading companies providing Bird Control services in India. The trained technicians would provide an opportunity for RI India to provide this offering pan-India. Further the business had a strong commercial customer base with a good presence in the Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing sectors – which had been identified as key growth sectors for RI.

Why did Pestcone choose Rentokil Initial?

The owner commented that “As an MNC, we felt RI would protect our employees and customers and continue build the Pestcone reputation. Further, the worldwide brand presence was a big attraction for being associated with it”.

“Last but not least the professionalism showed by the local management team throughout the transaction captured our confidence to push ahead with the deal.”

How has the company performed since it has been acquired?

The integration process was smooth as we had weekly calls with all stake holders. The transfer of customers was well handled and we ensured all employees were kept thoroughly informed throughout the process.

The business has performed well and continues to make a significant contribution to the development of RI India.



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