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For residents and business owners in Winnipeg, MB, the last thing they want to deal with during the day is a pest infestation. Whether it’s flies, ants, bed bugs or rats and mice Rentokil is the pest control company that residents throughout Manitoba call for help in preventing and removing  pest infestations.

As the largest city in the province of Manitoba, Winnipeg is a big place to try and keep pest free. Fortunately, the experts at Rentokil are trained to spot pest signs throughout the year and work with residents and property owners to come up with the best solutions to keep pests away.

In order to prevent pests, or get rid of pests before they can set up their nests and become a problem, contact your local Winnipeg pest control specialists at Rentokil. Call us at the number listed above or use our online form.

Doug Wadlow

District Manager for Rentokil Pest Control Winnipeg, MB
"We are committed to solving our customer's pest problems completely and in a professional and caring way.”

Winnipeg, MB, pest trends

Although Winnipeg, MB, is 68 miles away from the United States border, it is a large city that has to deal with heat waves and cold snaps. Winnipeg gets a lot of snow in the winter, but also very hot summers. Residents know that we have four distinct seasons and that means our Rentokil specialists need to know which pests are a potential problem in each season.

From the months of May through September, flies, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and other insects are often a problem. They find their way indoors and come out of the earth during the warmer months, looking for food to bring back to their nests. Often, with these pests, if you see one or two, there are more of them hidden away somewhere, which can make removing these pests difficult and why it usually requires a trained pest control specialist.

During the late fall and winter months, there are rodents such as mice and rats and other wildlife that look for a way inside your home. Rodents can get into the walls or basements and attics to build nests. They look for warmth and food, and Rentokil specialists can crawl into those spaces and offer solutions.

Stop pests no matter the time of year with pest control solutions we offer. Contact us today.

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