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Paper wasp control

Paper wasps are a common nuisance for property owners in Canada due to their fondness for building their nests close to man-made buildings. 

While considered beneficial insects as they help control other pests, paper wasps will sting humans if they feel their nest is threatened. For this reason, paper wasp control services are needed if a nest is identified in close proximity to humans.  

Adult paper wasps are typically brownish with yellow markings although a few species have red markings. 

Paper wasps will build their nests in trees or shrubs in a yard or on the exterior of a home.

If you are experiencing issues with paper wasps, schedule a property inspection with a licensed Rentokil Technician by calling 1-877-690-2215 or contacting Rentokil online.  

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How to get rid of paper wasps

If you believe paper wasps have infested your property, call a pest control professional immediately.

If you attempt to remove the nest using do-it-yourself measures, there is a high likelihood that you will be stung.  A small percentage of the population is allergic to insect stings. If someone allergic to wasp stings is stung by paper wasps, they can potentially go into anaphylactic shock. In some rare cases, paper wasp stings can be fatal. 

The first step a pest control professional should take to remove paper wasps from a property is to correctly identify the pests. Paper wasps can be easily confused with other wasp species as well as bees

Paper wasps are also often identified by their umbrella-shaped nests. Identification is important as paper wasp control best practices differ from the methods used to treat other stinging pests. 

In order to get rid of paper wasps on a property, a pest control professional will need to kill all adults in the nest otherwise the colony will quickly rebuild. Your Rentokil Technician will treat the nest directly with an effective application. Once the colony is eliminated, the Technician will remove the nest. 

We recommend arranging a inspection by a Rentokil wasp removal expert in your local area by calling 1-877-690-2215

Paper wasp nests

Paper wasp nests are built by overwintering queens in the fall to survive the winter. The comb nests are constructed of a single layer of paper-like material. Queen wasps will build their nests in many locations on a property, including, 

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Window/door frames
  • Attics
  • Vents
  • Chimneys
  • Fences
  • Utility lines

Paper wasps have been known to even build their nests indoors, especially if cathedral ceilings are present. 

While it is a rare occurrence, paper wasps occasionally will re-use nests the following season. 


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