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Saskatoon, SK, is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan. With so many residents living in close proximity to each other in Saskatoon, it means that there are specific and different pest control issues throughout the year. Saskatoon gets visitors from around the world and that means businesses and residences experience pests all year long whether that's insects or rodents, stinging pests or other pest issues.

Rentokil is the pest control team ready to help with your business or home with solutions that will get rid of pest infestations already on the property and offer dependable solutions that will prevent pests from coming back. Our pest control specialists are trained to spot potential pest problems.

The first step in getting reliable pest control solutions for your Saskatoon property is to contact us and set up a property inspection. To find out more about pest control solutions available contact us at 877-690-2115 or use our online form.

Doug Wadlow

District Manager for Rentokil Pest Control Saskatoon, SK
"We are committed to solving our customer's pest problems completely and in a professional and caring way.”

Saskatoon, SK, pest trends

Saskatoon, SK, has diverse weather patterns and experiences a full four seasons, which means that the Rentokil specialists need to be trained to spot pest issues depending on the seasons. That's what we do during our property inspections, looking for ways pests get in and where they might nest so we can provide the right pest removal and prevention solutions.

During the warmer months, Saskatoon experiences high pressures of mosquitoes so we make sure our solutions can remove and prevent mosquitoes effectively. Rodents like wasps and bees can create a problem if they build a nest somewhere close to where people might run into them and get stung. Homes and businesses might also have to deal with ants and cockroaches throughout the year, too. Our specialists can also help with any bed bug problems you have.

The first step is to call us and get one of our specialists out to your property. We are trained to find their entry points, their nests, find solutions to get rid of the pests and offer advice to prevent a return infestation.

Contact us today and get rid of pests.

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