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Pests in food

For places such as farms, restaurants, bakeries, food processing plants, food warehouses, and anywhere else you might store food, the threats from food pests doesn't end when the crops are harvested. There are numerous pests in food (SPI’s) that love to set up their homes inside storage containers, which can be devastating to certain businesses as well as your home. There are also places you might not think about like museums or within pharmaceutical companies and retail stores. We can also help remove pests in food that get stuck in trucks and inside logistics companies. These stored food pests cost millions each year in lost revenue.

There are numerous stored food pests and different species types including:

These pests not only infest warehouses and grain silos, but they can end up in your home or businesses like museums and other businesses you may not associate with having food. It doesn’t take much for any of these pests to take hold, so if any facility has food that they prepare for consumers, they run the risk of pests, including retail locations, pharmaceutical companies and logistics businesses. If you find these insects lying around the stored food, cereals, dried fruit, nuts, breads and other foods that you store, it could be an infestation. Left unchecked, these bugs can end up spreading throughout your home or business and cause further problems.

Signs of an infestation

There are many signs of stored food pests. The most common is to actually see the insects either flying around the food that they are eating or crawling on. You might also see larvae or webbing on the containers since some types of moths and other bugs create webbing as they grow from eggs to larvae to pupae and then into an adult..

If you notice holes in foods like beans or fruit that's another good sign you might have an infestation.

If insects have not set up their homes inside your food, they might be nearby, so check the shelves and cabinets. If you have food spillages you might also find the bugs, larvae and webbing.

Types of pests in food

There are all kinds of species of pests in food, including:

  • Merchant Grain Beetle

  • Confused Flour Beetle

  • Indian Meal Moth

  • Fruit Flies

  • Cheese Mites

  • Booklice

  • Cigarette Beetle

If you suspect that you have a stored food pests issue then call a professional in stored food pest control and elimination.

Pests in food treatments

The types of treatments that our Rentokil pest control professionals use to eliminate insects varies depending on the seriousness of the infestation, the size of the storage area and the type of insect. Traps, baits, sprays and other methods might be used and that's why a professional should be consulted for the most effective and reliable treatment for pests in food.

Stored product insect prevention

You can do some things around your home and business to help prevent return infestations of pests in food. These include:

  • Clean up around all food storage areas.

  • Keep the temperature around food just right. Insects like it warm.

  • Store food tightly in containers that can be properly sealed.

  • Get rid of garbage around food storage areas.

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