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The PestConnect portfolio

Less disruptive. More responsive. More effective. PestConnect.

PestConnect is our range of remote, digital monitoring devices with proprietary sensor technology. Using the power of the internet, these connected devices alert our Technicians at the first indication of rodent activity, activating a quick response to your immediate issue. With this technology, we have combined integrated pest management with innovative technology to give you faster problem resolution, better efficacy, and ultimately, minimized disturbance to your business. PestConnect provides solutions that are customized to meet the continuously changing demands of modern day Canadian businesses through products that actively track, detect, and contain rodents in and around your facility.

Inefficient pest control costs your business — negative online reviews, shutdowns, bad media coverage, canceled contracts, dissatisfied customers, your reputation...but it doesn't have to be that way. Rentokil’s PestConnect is the solution.

As a result of coronavirus shutdowns, companies are now facing insufficient resources, restricted access and contact, and vacant spaces. Reduced finances and employees along with structural, sanitation, and storage issues can allow pest infestations to continue undetected.

Pests aren’t waiting until your next regularly scheduled service to cause problems, so why wait that long to take action? Get 24/7 protection with PestConnect.

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Proven technology, trusted partner

During the age of coronavirus, we are ready to assist business customers throughout Canada in tackling the astounding new challenges brought on by a pandemic. Since the introduction of PestConnect, Rentokil has worked to sharpen and fine-tune the technology. To this day, we’ve distributed over 90,000 PestConnect devices at 4,100 locations around the globe.

Aligning with your unique facility plans and goals, PestConnect devices create a comprehensive record of rodent activity at your site. Additionally, they send real-time alerts for rapid response, and give you the data to generate reports and trends through our proprietary PestNetOnline data management system. We can then use this information over time to adjust and optimize your program — resulting in less disruption and cost for you.

By leveraging the advantage of this connected technology, PestConnect provides the following benefits to protect your business:

24/7 monitoring

Real-time alerts

Targeted response

Data & trending

Third-party audit compliant

Reduced contact for hygiene & safety

Secure system

Present in 26 countries


Optimization over time

Businesses adjust for different seasons and so should your pest program. Over time, we can begin to optimize your program with data from your routine services and the information from your PestConnect devices. If your risk increases, we can increase the use of PestConnect devices - if it decreases, we can default to a standard number of stations or remove devices altogether. The result is a more effective program for your business.


Seamless integration

A program with PestConnect doesn’t differ greatly from your current pest control program – we only replace devices in high-risk areas with PestConnect devices. Our regularly scheduled visits are done with the same quality of service you've always had. However, if any activity happens between services, your local Rentokil office is notified immediately. Captured data is immediately sent to PestNetOnline, where we can identify the time and place of specific problems.


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