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Our innovation

Rentokil is always looking for ways to improve the pest control services that we provide. That means our Technicians are constantly trained and learning new methods of removing pests like rodents, insects and wildlife so that homes and businesses across Canada can remain pest-free.

We have an entire team dedicated to researching and developing new technologies and innovation to provide effective, safe and green methods of pest control and pest management.

Our technology and innovation experts work with businesses and homes to provide them with the pest control they need to protect their reputations. We manage product testing and consulting with our clients and always thoroughly test the products that we use on a daily basis. That way when you call a Rentokil Technician you get the latest technology to remove the pests.

What innovation means to you

  • Expert and experienced pest control solutions
  • The latest and best pest control practices
  • Use of the latest technology for effective pest removal

Rentokil's innovative pest solutions

PestNetOnline is our innovative online system for reporting and management of pest control services and activities

Lumina fly light traps provide effective and discreet solutions to stop flies from infesting your place of business.

Our Entotherm heat treatments effectively stop bed bug infestations by eliminating them at all life stages.

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