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One of the most common wildlife animals throughout North America, squirrels live in close proximity to humans in urban, suburban and rural areas.

While they play an important role in the ecosystem in terms of improving soil health and growth of new vegetation, squirrels can become problematic for people when they build their nests within properties.

Squirrels can be the source of a host of problems, including:

  • Inhabit Homes - Squirrels generally inhabit wooded areas and nest in trees, but will frequently establish themselves in attics or garages, where they’ll store their food and take up shelter.

  • Gnaw on cables, wires, stored items, walls - Similar to other rodents like rats and mice, squirrels can do quite a bit of damage, gnawing on cables and electric wiring, any items in storage, sprinkler heads and on the exterior and interior walls of a structure.

  • Noisy; bite if cornered - Squirrels are also noisy in their activities and will bite if you corner them.

  • Dig up landscaping/gardens - Squirrels have been known to dig up garden beds and damage fruit-bearing trees and vegetable gardens.

  • Strip bark - Squirrels will strip bark from trees and ornamental plants.

Squirrel removal services by Rentokil

An infestation of squirrels in your home can put your home at risk of damage and cause health concerns for your pets and family. With more than 85 years of pest control experience, Rentokil has developed industry-leading procedures for the removal of squirrels from properties.

Regardless if squirrels have infested your home or business, a Rentokil Technician will be able to assist you in removing the squirrels and make recommendations so that your property does not become infested again.

Rentokil Technicians attend regular training seminars so that they can stay up-to-date on the most effective pest control solutions. Rentokil’s squirrel removal services follow state and municipality regulations and all Technicians performing services involving wildlife management are certified to do so as required by the state.

Tree squirrels vs. ground squirrels

What is the difference between tree squirrels and ground squirrels? Ground squirrels are burrowers and will nest underground, unlike their tree squirrel cousins. In addition to their nesting habits, ground squirrels can be distinguished from tree squirrels by their shorter and less bushy tails.

Ground squirrels preferred habitat is open fields or brushy areas and are seldom found in forest or in damp areas. Ground squirrels can become nuisance pests when they take up residence around building foundations, lawns, golf courses and gardens.

Are you experiencing problems with squirrels? Contact us online or call 877-690-2115 to learn more about Rentokil's squirrel removal services.

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