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Rentokil offers raccoon removal services that are both effective and humane. Raccoons in Canada can be major nuisances to homeowners and businesses for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, raccoons are carriers of parasites such as fleas and ticks as well as several highly infectious and dangerous diseases. Raccoons are a common carrier of rabies in Canada. Also, raccoons carry a highly infectious roundworm, that is potentially fatal to humans.

The raccoon’s dexterity can make them particularly pesky, as their long nimble fingers allow them to do things such as open garbage cans, turn knobs and work latches. Besides the spread of disease, raccoons are known to cause a host of other problems for property owners, including:

  • Raiding garbage cans and spreading refuse across properties
  • Tearing up landscaping with their “grubbing” behavior as they dig for scarab beetles on which to feed. 
  • Raccoons also become problematic when they use areas beneath decks, porches or sheds for their dens.
  • If you have pets, a raccoon infestation can lead to a violent encounter that could damage the health of both animals. Raccoons are known to be fierce fighters when cornered and have inflicted fatal wounds during encounters with even large dogs.

Rentokil's raccoon removal services

As your local pest control experts, Rentokil understands the stress and frustration that can be caused by a raccoon infestation. All Rentokil Technicians providing raccoon removal services are individually licensed to perform wildlife trapping as required by state law.

Raccoons are extremely difficult to remove from properties without specialized training. Rentokil Technicians attend monthly pest control training seminars so they can stay up-to-date with the best baiting and trapping practices in the industry.

In addition to baiting and trapping services, Rentokil Technicians will also make recommendations to customers on how to best prevent future raccoon infestations. Possible recommendations could include repairing damage to home that allow wildlife entry and practising proper garbage sanitation so that raccoons are not attracted to property.

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