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How to get rid of mice

Mice are interested in homes and businesses. A home offers the basics: food, water and shelter, and many times, commercial businesses offer the same. Since mice are not picky eaters and they tend to chew, mice can cause a host of problems. Some of the problems mice can cause include damaging walls, chewing electrical wiring and furniture, and they can also carry serious diseases – so it’s important to get rid of mice as soon as possible to eliminate the risks mice pose.

Rentokil has a long history of expertise to address your mouse issues for both your home and business. Call us at 877-690-2115 or contact us online today for professional mouse control.

The dangers of mice in your home or business

Based on appearance alone, mice seem fairly harmless – and many people believe that rats are a bigger problem – but actually mice are much more common and can cause a lot more damage to your property. The fact that mice breed rapidly and continuously ensures a small problem can turn into a big problem very quickly. Dangers mice pose to your property, include:

  • Mice will contaminate food and other materials through the droppings they leave behind – causing waste and spreading bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

  • Mice can multiply quickly and will do significant damage to your home or commercial building by gnawing through building materials, wiring, and more.

  • Mice are especially destructive in homes and have even been implicated in causing fires after chewing through electrical cables.

  • Mice are unsanitary and mouse droppings have been identified as potential triggers in those with asthma.

Signs of mice

Generally mice won’t be seen during the day as they are nocturnal – so quite often it is more likely to see the evidence they leave behind rather than the mice themselves. The typical signs of a mouse problem in your home or business are:

  • Mouse droppings - Mice leave small, dark droppings particularly along walls, in cupboards or under sinks.

  • Dirty smudges - mice tend to run alongside walls as they don’t have great eyesight and may leave smudges on the floors or skirting board. You might also notice small patches of urine.

  • Distinctive smell - Mice leave an ammonia-like smell that will be particularly strong in more enclosed areas such as in cupboards.

  • Damage - Mice have teeth that grow continuously and will gnaw on wood, plastic, cables and other hard materials to keep their teeth shorter. They will also steal softer materials for nesting.

  • Scratching noises - the sound of repeated scratching around in the walls, ceilings, or attic is a potential sign of mice.  You might also hear them squeaking or gnawing.

  • Nests - Mice build nests with shredded material such as newspaper and fabrics. These will tend to be in hidden places such as behind fridges. Nests will often contain young mice.

How to get rid of mice

At Rentokil Pest Control we are experts in getting rid of mice and helping you to prevent further mice infestations. We offer you a convenient mice service with:

1. Contact

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2. Inspection

We will discuss your pest problem, arrange an inspection if necessary and provide a quote and recommendations.

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  • IPM solutions tailored to your pest problem

3. Treatment

Our experienced Technicians will deliver professional service at your premise.

  • Well-trained and knowledgeable Technicians
  • Innovative pest control products and services.
  • Safety, Health & Environment Policies.

4. Aftercare

Our dedicated customer care team will take care of your queries and pest needs.

  • Guaranteed solutions
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  • PestFree365 Year-Round Protection Program

Mouse prevention tips

Mice like to live where there’s warmth, a quiet space, and a source of food. Below are a few tips to deter mice from entering your home or business.

  1. Don’t let mice in - The first line of defense against mice is to seal up your property. Any holes that are larger than a quarter of an inch will allow mice to gain access – they can squeeze through incredibly small gaps, and will quickly chew through all sorts of materials to create larger openings. Therefore it is important to seal all openings with steel wool or caulk (not wood, plastic, or expanding foam that they can gnaw through!).
  2. Remove sources of food - Be careful not to attract mice with food – where possible, store food in glass or metal containers. Regularly clean under stoves, refrigerators and cupboards. Keep your trash in a strong bin with a lid. If you have pets, keep their food area tidy.
  3. Cleanliness is good – Keeping clutter to a minimum will reduce the options for nesting sites, and while good sanitation won’t get rid of mice in itself, dirty and messy areas can attract mice.

Contact Rentokil, your mouse control experts

While many choose DIY mouse repellents like mouse traps and over-the-counter poisons, the results are often less than satisfactory. Small problems can develop into large problems quickly and this is when you need to seek out the services and expert advice of a mouse control professional.

Rentokil Pest Control Technicians are skilled, experienced professionals – they understand the habits of each species and use that knowledge to get rid of mice in your home or business effectively. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, staff and customers. Call Rentokil Pest Control at 877-690-2115 for further advice on how to get rid of mice or to arrange a visit by a Rentokil Technician.


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