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Integrated Drone Disinfection

COVID-19 fears are at their highest when it comes to large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts, and conferences. With the virus still at large, the vast majority of people remain hesitant to return to large venues, and for good reason. 

High-traffic entertainment venues have thousands of surfaces that can harbor the virus, making these event spaces a potential hub for germs and bacteria. To reduce the risk, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommends “frequent disinfection of surfaces and objects touched by multiple people”, but this poses many new operational challenges when it comes to disinfecting large, complex spaces like stadiums, arenas, and convention centers. 

Rentokil's Integrated Drone Disinfection service offers a powerful combination of innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled hygiene expertise to help you tackle these large areas. 

Give fans, players, and staff the peace of mind to return by partnering with Rentokil. Reserve your complimentary Integrated Drone Disinfection site assessment today.

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Comprehensive disinfection for high-traffic event spaces

Innovative technology backed by world-class expertise

Our licensed pilots use FAA-Approved, state-of-the-art drone technology and flight path programming for a targeted application to cover large open areas such as stadium seating and railings. Our certified Specialists then use advanced Liquid Dispersal Technology to manually disinfect complex or enclosed spaces such as hard-to-reach concourse spaces, restrooms, locker rooms, and administrative offices. 

Drone-enabled disinfection provides a targeted 360-degree blitz on high-risk surfaces in your complex.


Drone-enabled disinfection

drone disinfecting a stadium

Rentokil's drone-enabled disinfection service is a safe, effective, and innovative way to disinfect large outdoor or indoor areas that have a minimum ceiling height of 25-30 feet above the treatment area.

Conducted using FAA-compliant drones and a licensed pilot and observer, our drone disinfection program uses advanced technology to program the flight path for the treatment area. This ensures complete coverage of high-traffic seating, railings, stairs, and player or performer areas. Each drone can carry sufficient load for wide area applications of EPA-approved disinfectant, maximizing flight time for even the largest complexes.

Specialist-conducted disinfection

specialist disinfecting a stadium

Rentokil leaves no high-touch surface untreated. For areas with height restrictions, we deploy our highly-trained Certified Specialists to conduct disinfection. In this process, we use advanced Liquid Dispersal Technology to apply disinfectant that kills the virus within 10 minutes. Our Specialists are highly trained professionals who understand safe application methods, required dwell-time, and other important requirements. For areas or materials that may require special treatment, such as leather, suede, or the underside of curved surfaces, Specialists will use surface wipes to achieve full disinfection.

Restricted capacity is already hampering your season. Don't allow COVID-19 fears to keep more people away. Have a plan your fans, players, and staff can trust. Reserve your complimentary site assessment today.

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