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The PestConnect portfolio

Even with the best preventative measures in place, mice can always find a way inside your building. As soon as they get indoors, they quickly multiply, causing damage to inventory and stored products. Additionally, they put your products at risk for contamination via their droppings or simply by the potentially harmful bacteria they carry on their feet.

Just one rodent in a vulnerable section of your building can cost your business millions of dollars in recalls, investments, health authority involvement, or regulatory shutdown. Errors like those can easily find their way into newspapers, television, and social media headlines, attracting negative and brand-damaging publicity to your business.

Every business needs swift action and effective solutions if a pest infestation occurs. Rentokil’s PestConnect portfolio consists of innovative solutions that are crafted to amplify your internal and external rodent protection programs.

Introducing the PestConnect portfolio

We are living in the age of digital evolution with powerful technology that allows us to work smarter and more efficiently. Rentokil’s online pest control management software takes pest control to new levels of efficiency and protection.

By pairing the sensor technology and wireless communications of PestConnect with the interactive analytic tools and reporting of PestNetOnline, you will be able to proactively manage and prevent pest infestations on your property. Whether you have a small or large scale business, our online pest management tools will help you watch over your property 24/7.

Learn more about PestConnect

Using wireless, infrared technology, PestConnect will guard your property every day, around the clock.

Continual surveillance allows for the instant capture, confinement and reporting of rodent concerns as they appear.

PestConnect pairs with Rentokil's proprietary online data management system, PestNetOnline, providing you a behind the scenes view of your pest control program.

PestConnect documents the precise date, time and place of activity and gives live updates to PestNetOnline.

PestNetOnline issues comprehensive trend evaluation, interactive maps, recommendations, charts and analytic tools to assist business needs.

Better compliance with live reporting, trends and evaluation with PestNetOnline provides added credibility to third party auditors.

Integration with PestNetOnline

Rentokil specialist shows PestNetOnline to customer

Rentokil's PestConnect portfolio fully integrates with PestNetOnline, Rentokil’s online pest management system, by using live online device reporting.

PestNetOnline leaves you with complete trust in your pest control service, giving you secure access to all the data you need to make confident decisions. Accessible 24 hrs a day from any device, PestNetOnline lets you access pest and service activity with ease while providing an extensive range of helpful information such as priority status updates, recommendations, trend analyses, multi-site capabilities, customized reporting to support audit requirements, and digital logbooks.

The integrated model of the PestConnect System allows for the delivery of an instant update on the status of pest incidents, a full audit trail, and detailed reporting and analytics for both internal and external assessments. By having this real-time data, Rentokil can deliver constant advancements and in-depth recommendations to make certain you’re protected from pest contamination.

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