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Digital pest control

Pests are notoriously a tremendous threat to the Hospitality, Food and Beverage Processing industries. By interfering with building operations and destroying product, rodents and insects can negatively affect business revenue, along with creating serious health and safety risks for businesses. It’s no easy task to protect buildings 24/7 from these quickly-progressing pests threats, especially in locations that lack human surveillance.

In an ever-evolving digital world, modern technology has the power to make workflow more efficient and intelligent. Rentokil’s digital pest management solutions bring pest control to a new level. Our software pairs remote communications and sensor technology with unmatched expertise to provide you with invaluable analytical data and reporting.

Whether you have a single business or multiple locations around the world, our portfolio of IoT-enabled pest control solutions give commercial businesses access to sophisticated pest data to help proactively control pests efficiently and comprehensively.

You can trust you are receiving the best quality pest control service, one that allows you to focus on your business with peace of mind that every pest is under control.

Pest control technology

Using breakthrough technology to advance pest management capabilities, our digital pest control treatment options not only eradicate pests, but lower the possibility of expensive infestations by providing quick insights right at your fingertips, so you can move on to other important business matters.

We firmly stand by the belief that technology and human beings should work in concert with one another. We collect data that boosts the skillset of our pest control specialists. This means that when you work with our team, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and knowledge from over 12,500 Rentokil pest specialists around the globe.

Digital pest management: Stay one step ahead of pests

In the world we live in today, global trade and urbanization are advancing at an alarming rate, meaning new pest threats are constantly on the rise. These emerging challenges of growing business and pest pressures can be met with the help of new technology like cloud computing and IoT. Such tools can help monitor, manage and tame pest threats with a higher success rate than ever before.

Unparalleled insights

Big Data from more than 77,000 integrated devices and cross-referenced with external sources for a sweeping view of pest insights worldwide

Risk mitigation

Data focused precautionary measures to reduce your risk of pest infestations

Trend analysis

Pinpointing new and emerging risks across your operations in real-time to implement specialized interventions

Enhanced visibility

Treatment history, suggestions and pest activity updates across multiple properties

Superior 24/7 control

Pest surveillance and control 365 days a year, enabling absolute, live transparency

Compliance management

Automate reporting in accordance with regulations of the dynamic pest management industry

Our partnerships with companies like Google, PA Consulting Group and Qlik allow for the use of Big Data. Through these alliances, we have distributed over 77,000 IoT-enabled digital pest control devices worldwide. Additionally, we are continuously studying data to raise our knowledge of pest threats, risks and patterns over commercial operations.

3.5 million pieces of data a year are combined to provide revolutionary technologies, prognostic analytics and proactive digital pest control to protect your business.

Digital pest control: A new landscape for your business

Millions of pieces of information are gathered every year through our modern technologies to deliver actionable insights and effective, digital pest control to protect your business. Rentokil remains the global expert in pest control, trusted by people and businesses that desire the highest measure of protection, expertise, and peace of mind. We've been designing and producing award-winning pest control solutions for more than 90 years, safeguarding the properties of over half a million customers in more than 80 countries around the globe.


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