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Bird removal services for your home

While it is usually a normal occurrence to see birds around the outside of your home, they can occasionally become a major nuisance. In some extreme cases, they can pose a serious threat to the safety of your family, pets, and the structural integrity of your home.

While you may be tempted to try and take matters into your own hands, using DIY solutions and hacks can worsen the issue. Rentokil pest control professionals have the experience and knowledge of various bird species needed to thoroughly take care of a bird infestation in and around your property.

If you are experiencing nuisance birds outside or inside your home, talk to the bird experts at Rentokil today by calling us at 877-690-2115 or filling out our online contact form.

What types of birds are common in Canadian homes

The following pest birds can be found near homes across Canada:

  • Pigeons
  • Sparrows
  • Canadian geese
  • Starlings

Visit our species page to learn more about the behaviors and habits of these pests.

Signs of a bird infestation in your home

If you notice these signs on the exterior or interior of your home, you may have a bird infestation on your hands:

Inside the home

  • Bird droppings and nesting debris found inside vents, chimneys, and rafters
  • Bird noises that sound like they are coming from within your home

Outside the home

  • Visible damage to roof tiles around eaves and other exterior areas
  • Gutters clogged by nests

How Rentokil can help homeowners

Birds may end up near your property because your home has provided them with food and shelter to make a nest and care for their young. You may wonder, “How can I stop birds from entering my home?”. To prevent birds from getting inside, be sure to seal up any larger holes and cracks in the structure of your residential property.

If birds remain an issue in or around your property, we offer professional bird control solutions including visual deterrents for woodpeckers and exclusion services for birds like European starlings that will often nest in dryer vents on the side of homes.

Visit our bird deterrents page to discover the various professional residential bird control solutions Rentokil offers to keep these nuisance pests off your property.

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