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Bird mites

One of the biggest threats from a bird infestation comes from the parasites and pests that birds carry. Birds not only create problems with their nesting, but they often carry parasites such as bird mites on their bodies. When a heavy infestation occurs, these tiny blood-feeding insects can come into contact with humans and feed on them. This can create a number of health hazards.

What does a bird mite look like?

bird mite

What are bird mites?

  • Bird mites have a soft yellow/green body and eight legs.
  • 0.6 – 0.7mm in length.
  • When engorged after feeding, the body appears bright red.


  • Bird mites develop from egg to adult in 7 days (under favourable conditions).
  • Adults can live approximately 90 days.


  • Bird mites favour warm, damp conditions.
  • Commonly found in bird nests and poultry houses.
  • Capable of adversely impacting bird egg–laying efficiency, and in severe cases, may kill young, sick or old birds.
  • Feed on birds blood. 
  • In homes, bird mites sometimes bite people in search of food.

Risks of bird mites

One of the biggest risks with bird mites is that they can infest flocks such as chickens. This can result in serious illness of the hens and other birds and reduced egg production. It can also result in anemia for the hens.

For humans, the biggest concern is with the bites. These can become skin lesions and lead to illnesses such as dermatitis. Generally bird mites do not thrive on human hosts, but the bites can become infected due to scratching.

Rentokil bird mite prevention

Rentokil's experts in bird control can help you keep bird mites away by using bird deterrents that will keep hosts away. Using deterrents such as bird spikes or bird netting can prevent birds from nesting and bringing mites with them and into your home or business.

If you have a problem with bird infestation then call Rentokil at 1-877-690-2115 or contact us online to schedule an inspection of your property. We'll consult with you about your bird problems and recommend solutions to get rid of pest birds and keep them away.

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