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Bird control

Why do you need bird control? When you think about birds, there's a good chance you don't think of them as pests. People generally think of birds as pretty and pleasant and even keep them as pets. However, there are birds that are pests because of their nesting habits, ability to swarm in huge numbers, aggressiveness toward people, and droppings that bring numerous health problems.

You may not think about bird pest control until you suddenly find damage to your home or commercial building or bird droppings everywhere.

Rentokil Technicians know how to effectively perform bird control services for homes and businesses. We get rid of the problems and then install bird control devices that will prevent them from returning.

Bird control for your home

A bird infestation around family and pets can create many health and safety concerns for homeowners. Birds have been known to cause the following:

  • Roof damage - roof tiles and other areas around eaves can be dislodged and damaged by birds when they nest.
  • Gutter damage - house sparrows got their name because of their preference for nesting around homes and because they utilize any nook or cranny, including gutters. This can lead to clogged gutters and water damage. They can also block vents, which is a potential fire hazard.
  • Droppings - bird droppings can be corrosive, eating away paint, damaging metal and other materials, and even removing the paint from cars. Bird droppings can also bring risks of slipping and falling. Once droppings dry out, they can turn into dust that can cause breathing problems if inhaled or affect people with lung problems like asthma.

Commercial bird control

Professional bird control is not only critical to avoid damage to your commercial property but also to minimize the health risks posed by the presence of certain birds. For businesses, this can put customers and staff in harm's way and damage their reputation immensely.

Risks to your business poised by pest birds include:

  • Health & safety hazard - droppings can make sidewalks very slippery.

  • Loss of customers - large quantities of droppings and the presence of pest birds on your property could put customers off from entering your store.

  • Loss of productivity - the diseases some birds are known to carry could impact employees, leading to illness and time off work.

  • Drainage problems - nest debris and feathers can block gutters and rainwater drainage systems, potentially leading to damage to your business from water penetration.

Common pest birds

Diseases carried by birds

Birds are known to carry a range of diseases and are hosts to other insect pests. Humans can also develop symptoms similar to influenza from the spores from bird droppings. Some diseases associated with pest birds are:

  • Diseases from biting pests - birds can carry fleas, ticks and mites that can bite humans. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases from birds to humans such as St. Louis Encephalitis.
  • E. Coli - some birds like to peck at things like cow dung and that can cause them to transmit E. coli, which can be very dangerous to humans.
  • Salmonella - or food poisoning, is a bacteria found in bird droppings that can end up in food.
  • Avian flu - a potentially fatal illness that is borne by birds and is one of the main reasons people should never try to handle wild birds on their own.
  • Psittacosis - also called Ornithosis or pigeon fancier's lung. This infection can be transmitted by inhaling the bacteria from dried droppings or handling feathers of infected pigeons or seagulls.
  • Fowl pest - known also as fowl plague or Newcastle disease. This virus can be transmitted to people when they’re exposed to fecal matter and other excretions from infected pigeon birds.
  • Fungal infections - include Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis and are carried within droppings from seagulls.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the signs of a bird infestation?

    Some of the most common signs of a bird infestation are:

    • Birds roosting on top of your property
    • Multiple bird nests or nesting materials around your property
    • Bird noises
    • A lot of bird droppings
    • Parasites
    • Damage from the birds pecking or fouling

  • What will keep birds away from my property?

    As the owner of your property, there are certain practices you can follow to make your area unattractive to birds which include:

    • Covering vents and openings with screens
    • Keeping food locked up tight in bins with strong lids
    • Removing as much nesting material from your property as possible

  • Is professional bird control humane?

    Rentokil bird control Technicians are trained to identify protected species and will get rid of pest birds using solutions that are safe and humane.

  • Why should I use professional bird control?

    Cleaning up after pest birds can cost your business thousands of dollars every year. Not to mention, bird droppings can erode commercial structures and create safety hazards for customers.

    From protecting your product to eliminating hygiene issues, our fully trained Technicians practice the most current and effective exclusion work within the industry. Additionally, their experience also allows them to discern which solution will work best for your business depending on the environment, species, and behaviour of the bird.

Experts in reliable bird control

At Rentokil, we are experts in helping you find solutions for dealing with bird problems. We use the latest methods of bird removal and work with you to come up with a solution. We use methods that are as discreet as possible to stop birds from choosing your home or business as their nesting site. These deterrent methods include:

  • Bird netting
  • Bird spikes
  • Electronic bird deterrents

Getting rid of birds can be a real problem for any property owner and may require bird control services. Let Rentokil do it for you!

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