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Bed bug services for homes

As frequent travellers, bed bugs can be equally as much of a problem for homeowners as they are for those in the hospitality industry. Bed bugs in your hotel room are a major issue in itself, but what about finding them where you live?

Rentokil understands how disturbing it is to find these blood-hungry pests in your home. Not only are they a nuisance, but their bites can also cause allergic reactions in some. Our pest professionals have years of experience in removing bed bugs from residential properties across Canada and have trusted solutions to protect your family and pets against them all year round.

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How to keep bed bugs out of your home

Bed bugs can come home with you by hitching a ride on your luggage during travel. They can also get into your property through second-hand furniture or other used items that you bring into your home.

While it is difficult to completely prevent these pests from getting into your space, there are a few steps you can take to stop a full-blown bed bug infestation.

  1. The first and most important thing you can do is thoroughly inspect your belongings before you return back home from a trip and when you return home, place your clothing items in the washer immediately.
  2. Inspect both new and used furniture especially upholstered items by looking in seams, tufts and under cushions.
  3. Make sure rooms stay clean and organized to avoid creating hiding spots for bed bugs.
  4. Keep your bed away from the wall and other furniture.
  5. Seal cracks and crevices and any openings where pipes or wires poke into your home.

Professional bed bug control for residential properties

Even by following all of the tips above, there is still a possibility of experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home. If they do happen to get inside, our experts are standing by, ready to perform an inspection of your property.

Our experts will then get to work using industry-leading techniques to eradicate the infestation and prevent it from returning.

Heat treatments

To remove bed bugs from your home, our Technicians use a cutting-edge heat treatment method to control bed bugs effectively. A heat treatment solution can be less intrusive than conventional pesticide applications.

Utilizing heat treatment, Rentokil can eradicate all stages of bed bugs and return your property to use within 12 hours. Rentokil Technicians undergo specialist field training and are certified in the use of specialized equipment to ensure effective and safe treatment.

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