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Bed bug heat treatments

Rentokil Pest Control employs a cutting edge heat treatment method utilizing Entotherm technology to control bed bugs effectively.

Heat treatment utilizing Entotherm technology

Treating bed bugs with a heat treatment solution can be less intrusive than conventional pesticide applications.

Utilizing Entotherm, Rentokil can eradicate all stages of bed bugs and return your property to use within 12 hours.

Rentokil Technicians undergo specialist field training and are certified in the use of specialized Entotherm equipment to ensure effective and safe treatment.

Heat treatment method

Heat treatment using Entotherm allows for a one-service treatment plan using forced hot air technology to achieve quick, reliable results and effectively eliminate bed bug infestations.

  • The ambient room temperature is increased.

  • High temperature fans re-circulate air and remove moisture.

  • The treatment area reaches lethal temperatures.

  • Optimal results are achieved through sustained high temperatures that kill bed bugs and their eggs.

  • To ensure lethal temperatures are maintained, strategically placed temperature probes are used.

Upon completion of the treatment, your Rentokil Technician will provide documentation detailing the temperatures sustained and the monitoring performed during treatment to confirm the effectiveness of our heat treatment.

To schedule a bed bug heat treatment, call Rentokil at 1-877-690-2115 or schedule an inspection online.

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